New democrats has interesting news on the IT and IT enabled sector

The IT and It enabled businesses are major advertisers in the indian mainstream media, so usually no negative news is carried about the companies in the indian media, so it is interesting to find a website like new-democrats.

However in reality the it companies are far worse than manufacturing and engineering companies, treating their employees and small business owners worse than slaves, openly involved in sex, bribery rackets, banking, identity theft fraud
They are also extremely unscrupulous in acquiring talent and technology cheaply, promoting the goan sex workers they supply to government employees and other frauds as online experts

The website is interesting because it covers the ageism in the IT sector and how people in their forties are asked to leave without any notice, the crimes which they are committing and the lack of support.

Indian media ignores human rights abuses, covers killing of tigress Avni extensively

The warped priorities of the indian media can be confirmed by the extensive coverage which the killing of the man eating tigress Avni has got in the mainstream media. The times of india headlined the news of the killing and is carrying regular updates on the killing, and the dispute between minister Maneka Gandhi and the Maharashtra government minister.

Many indian citizens are subjected to very great human rights abuses by corrupt inhuman government employees and if they write to the mainstream media, especially newspapers no one covers their news
The indian constitution guarantees the rights of citizens, not of animals, especially those who have killed human beings, yet the maneater tigress continues to get a lot of coverage in the media a week after her killing.

It would be interesting to find out why the indian media is so obsessed with a tigress , when indian citizens face far worse problems

In some countries, powerful journalists who are critical are feared by the rulers

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The extremely systematic and expensive murder of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi exposes the fact that the media is feared by the rulers of some countries. It indicates the great power that the journalist has, his ability to influence public opinion about the country and its rulers if there are a large number of people who are reading what he writes

So the journalists who are featured in the mainstream media, like newspapers which have a readership of millions are closely monitored by indian intelligence agencies and are widely covered in the mainstream media. On the other hand, india has a very systematic way of censoring online content, those who are hated by raw/cbi will get almost no visitors for their websites.

In addition to identity theft, R&AW, cbi, ntro also ensure that the online publisher who is criticizing the government does not get any advertising, so the online publisher is making a loss, and will have to shut down, unless they have some other sources of income. Instead of taking the feedback or negative comments in a positive manner and trying to improve themselves, the rulers of some countries are extremely ruthless in trying to silence those who criticize them.

Massive amount of money spent to murder the journalist Jamal Khashoggi

The extremely systematic murder of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi exposes the fact that the media is feared by the rulers of some countries. It indicates the great power that the journalist has, his ability to influence public opinion about the country and its rulers.

The killing of Jamal Khashoggi was very expensive and well planned, the killers used special business jets to fly into and leave turkey, and the hit squad contained some of the best experts in forensic medicine and security in saudi arabia. He was killed so systematically that his body was allegedly disposed off by dissolving in acid, so that no trace remained at all. In most countries, till the body is found, a person is not assumed dead.

Flying business jets with 18 killers to a country just for killing a person must have cost a few millions, yet the powerful officials agreed to it indicated how much the journalist was feared and hated. If he was not important, the money could be spent elsewhere, why waste resources. Increasingly india is becoming like Saudi arabia, and anyone criticizing is labelled a security threat, defamed, cheated and exploited in the worst possible manner.

Dishonest greedy fraud shameless shivalli brahmins given great powers of censorship in the indian internet sector

There is plenty of evidence to prove that Dishonest greedy fraud shameless shivalli brahmins officials hathwar, kodancha, are like the saudi killers of jamal khashoggi, making fake claims without any proof at all, and repeating the words of cheater liar ntro employees like mhow cheater puneet, brahmin fraud j srinivasan who give fake references to shivalli brahmin cheater women like nayanshree hathwar, to get the bengaluru cheater housewife a monthly R&AW salary at the expense of the engineer she cheated

8 years after the identity theft FRAUD it can be legally proved that BENGALURU BRAHMIN RAW employee CHEATER HOUSEWIFE nayanshree hathwar (like indore document ROBBER veena and other fraud raw/cbi employees):
-DOES NOT have a btech 1993 ee degree
-has not worked as an engineer
-does not write any content online
- does not have a paypal account
- does not invest any money online
- does no any work online
- has almost no savings of her own

yet the powerful fraud sugar daddy of brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar, the mhow cheater puneet has shamelessly abused his powers to make fake claims about his lazy greedy mediocre sugar baby nayanshree hathwar, to give the lazy mediocre nayanshree hathwar, and the gang of dishonest greedy fraud shameless shivalli brahmins hiding behind her, great powers in the indian internet sector allowing these shameless SECTION 420 FRAUD BRAHMIN LIARS to censor all content in the indian internet sector

so like all section 420 frauds and liars the crooked shivalli brahmins are abusing their powers to censor all content exposing their fraud

MJ Akbar, sexual harassment and media coverage

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The MJ Akbar case again highlighted the importance of coverage in the indian media and influence on government, policy makers. For example the domain investor legally owning this website has been subjected to far worse sexual harassment by ntro, raw, cbi employees since 2010 than the women who have complained about MJ Akbar. Additionally she is also subjected to great financial fraud and some of the most terrible human rights abuses.

However she has not got any help at all, because almost no blog or offline media outlet is willing to cover the atrocities and identity theft, financial fraud she has been subjected to since 2010, though she has complained to everyone and has evidence to support her claims. This could be because top intelligence and security agency employees, google, tata hated the domain investor, so no one in te media is willing to cover the news of the atrocities, financial, online fraud with ntro employees falsely claiming that google, tata supplied goan call girls sunaina, siddhi who do not spend any time and money online, own this website are doing all the work online, to get all these women a monthly raw salary at the expense of the broke domain investor who is working like a slave .

On the other hand, the indian mainstream media, like Times of India and others have given plenty of coverage to Priya Ramani and other female journalists who complained about MJ Akbar, though he mainly made a pass at most of them, MJ Akbar, did not steal the identity or commit any human rights abuses on these women like the NTRO employees and did not waste taxpayer money for sexual harassment of these women

However MJ Akbar was forced to resign as a minister after the indian mainstream media started covering the news of sexual harassment, yet no action has been taken at all against the NTRO employees who have continued with their sex, bribery racket, sexual harassment since 2010, wasting more than rs 30 crore of indian taxpayer money.

Newspapers in goa increase their price due to newsprint price rise

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From November 1, 2018, the english newspapers in goa Navhind Times and Herald have increased their price from Rs 5 to Rs 6 each day.
They claim that the increase in their expenses, due to rise in newsprint prices has forced them to increase the price of the newspaper.
The fall of the indian rupee against the US dollar may have caused the increase in newsprint expenses
Most indian newspapers are importing newsprint from other countries
Government agencies are not doing anything to increase the production of newsprint in India
also after the plastic ban, newspapers are being used extensively for packaging.

This is unlike online publishers, who find that advertising rates continue to decrease, forcing them to do other work and accept all kinds of advertisements


Only women from the media, movie and entertainment sector are complaining

One of the features of the sexual harassment in the indian media is how only women from the media, movie and entertainment sector are complaining and are covered in the indian mainstream media
In other sectors like indian internet, IT, government agencies and finance sector, sexual harassment also exists. The choreographer saroj khan, mentioned sexual exploitation in the government agencies.
However those involved are powerful enough to ensure that the news is never leaked out.
The entertainment and media sector is not powerful enough, so all the news is covered in newspapers., Medianama refuse to carry the news of Mitsu, Nixi holding registrar case

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Nixi had transferred the domains of registrants with Mitsu domain registrar to the Nixi Holding registrar, a year ago in October 2017, causing great problems for the domain investors, since they are unable to sell their domains, and also cannot control them despite paying large amounts in renewal fees for many years.

Many of the domain investors are upset about this, and wanted the problem to be covered in the mainstream media or at least the blogs which are claim to cover the news of the indian internet sector. These domain investors have also posted on forums asking why the issue is not being covered.

This domain investor had contacted, medianama with details of the problem faced by .in domain investors, however both these websites have not covered the news indicating the high levels of censorship in the indian internet sector, will so called high profile blogs refusing to cover valid news affecting a large number of domain investors

Google mainly showing news of offline media organizations

One of the reasons why people use the internet to check news, is that they want additional news, or different versions of the news story. However increasingly google is only showing the websites of offline media organizations, like newspapers, magazines, television channels.

Most of these websites are carrying the news of news agencies , and often the same news story is published on multiple websites

So a person who is looking for additional information on any news story, will find that using a search engine is usually a waste of time, since the first few pages will usually have the same story .