Instead of featuring Swati Mohan, times of india should have covered seven time Lok sabha MP Mohan Delkar’s problems

One of the reasons for the death of seven time Lok sabha MP Mohan Delkar, is that the mainstream media in India, refuses to carry any news of indian citizens who are being harassed by corrupt greedy dishonest government officials.
The indian mainstream media especially times of india covered the news of swati mohan, settled in the united states, leading a good life, disha ravi who was only arrested, it refused to carry any news of the problems of seven time Lok sabha MP Mohan Delkar which were far more severe. Only after his death, the indian online media is carrying his videos, are reporting his complaints

“All my efforts to get justice for my constituents are blocked and stonewalled by these people. They are even trying to frame me in fake cases, my supporters, the organisations I run or work for are targeted and the people in it are also hounded,” said Delkar.

Several times, when he asked the reasons behind the apparent witch-hunt, the officials bluntly told him – “Upar Se Order Aaya Hai” – for their actions against him or his supporters.

The prominent tribal leader further alleged that BJP leaders, the bureaucracy, police, investigating agencies and local goons were constantly harassing or browbeating him at all levels.

“This is the reason why even during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, I could not do anything for my people though they were rendered jobless, their children thrown to the streets, and they had no food to eat,” said Delkar.

“People with many charges against them are protected as they belong to the ruling party, but those opposing them are targeted on the flimsiest grounds. We have never witnessed such a situation ever before. This is worse than British rule,” he rued.

Like Mohan Delkar, a large number of indian citizens including the domain investor are also facing harassment, fake cases, injustice, insult, partiality and find it difficult to get justice or any kind of help with raw/cbi falsely claiming that their lazy fraud employees who do not spend any money on domains, own this and other websites to pay these frauds a monthly government salary at the expense of the domain investor.