Home delivery of newspapers in Goa, blocked in April also

It appears that there will be no home delivery of newspapers in goa in April 2020 also till the lockdown ends. On April 1, 2020 there was no delivery of newspapers at the different addresses. To get newspapers citizens have to go to the milk booth. There is a lot of demand for newspapers, near fire brigade,panaji, goa the newspapers are getting sold out by 7.40 am
So the domain investor has to leave all the computer work in the morning to get a newspaper.
Even at 7.20 am gomantak times was sold out on april 1, 2020 since people want newspapers, and the paper is very cheap at two rupees compared to navhind times, herald, priced at Rs 7 each.
Going to purchase the newspapers again exposes, google, tata’s work at home computer work, time fraud on the domain investor, treating her worse than a servant. Employers have to speak to and pay a salary to the servant, in the indian internet sector, the raw/cbi employees do not even speak to the domain investor, yet make fake claims.