Indian mainstream media lacks the honesty to report on the government policy of criminally defaming hardworking skilled citizens as uneducated especially in goa

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Government policy of criminally defaming hardworking citizens as uneducated cause of decline in industrial, economic growth
The indian media regularly carries the news of the decline in economy, it does not have the honesty and humanity to find out the real reasons for the decline in growth, the problems faced by the business owners

For example in the indian internet sector, allegedly bribed by google, tata, the government is openly criminally defaming hardworking skilled honest citizens as uneducated, making it difficult for them to focus on their business, causing of decline in industrial growth
The indian government is also falsely claiming that the lazy greedy goan call girls supplied by google, tata to ntro employees for sex,robbers, cheaters and other frauds who do no computer work, own the paypal, bank account of the hardworking person in a major FINANCIAL FRAUD
This government policy of pampering and rewarding LAZY LIARS, FRAUDS with monthly raw/cbi salaries and humiliating, defaming, cheating and exploiting hardworking citizens is responsible for many of the economic problems which are being faced.

Indicating the lack of professionalism and vision in the indian government especially in goa, powerful top officials are only interested in personal gain, they do bother about the country