Some news stories are carried in only a few newspapers

While some news stories are carried in almost all the newspapers, there are many news stories, which are covered only in a few newspapers. The decision to cover the story is usually at the discretion of the owner or editor of the newspaper. The story of the case filed by the event management company Percept against the goan government is an example of an exclusive news story.

The newspaper Herald reported that the event management company Percept had taken the goan government to court over the non payment of dues for the Lusofonia games in 2014 which the company had managed

The media has reported that the finances of the state are not in a very good condition and the insistence on giving great powers to google, tata sponsored sex workers, school dropouts and other fraud raw/cbi employees with fake resumes is making the condition worse. Repeating lies will not make an inexperienced person experienced overnight.

The newspapers are repeatedly reporting incidents where government contractors are complaining of non payment, the case of Dr Venkatesh was another incident related to non payment.