Newspapers in goa increase their price due to newsprint price rise

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From November 1, 2018, the english newspapers in goa Navhind Times and Herald have increased their price from Rs 5 to Rs 6 each day.
They claim that the increase in their expenses, due to rise in newsprint prices has forced them to increase the price of the newspaper.
The fall of the indian rupee against the US dollar may have caused the increase in newsprint expenses
Most indian newspapers are importing newsprint from other countries
Government agencies are not doing anything to increase the production of newsprint in India
also after the plastic ban, newspapers are being used extensively for packaging.

This is unlike online publishers, who find that advertising rates continue to decrease, forcing them to do other work and accept all kinds of advertisements


Only women from the media, movie and entertainment sector are complaining

One of the features of the sexual harassment in the indian media is how only women from the media, movie and entertainment sector are complaining and are covered in the indian mainstream media
In other sectors like indian internet, IT, government agencies and finance sector, sexual harassment also exists. The choreographer saroj khan, mentioned sexual exploitation in the government agencies.
However those involved are powerful enough to ensure that the news is never leaked out.
The entertainment and media sector is not powerful enough, so all the news is covered in newspapers., Medianama refuse to carry the news of Mitsu, Nixi holding registrar case

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Nixi had transferred the domains of registrants with Mitsu domain registrar to the Nixi Holding registrar, a year ago in October 2017, causing great problems for the domain investors, since they are unable to sell their domains, and also cannot control them despite paying large amounts in renewal fees for many years.

Many of the domain investors are upset about this, and wanted the problem to be covered in the mainstream media or at least the blogs which are claim to cover the news of the indian internet sector. These domain investors have also posted on forums asking why the issue is not being covered.

This domain investor had contacted, medianama with details of the problem faced by .in domain investors, however both these websites have not covered the news indicating the high levels of censorship in the indian internet sector, will so called high profile blogs refusing to cover valid news affecting a large number of domain investors