Censorship in indian media reason why Quora is so popular

China is notorious for censoring the media and internet, however most people are not aware of the self censorhip in the indian mainstream media. They will almost never carry any negative news of the powerful and corrupt indian intelligence and security agencies, especially their identity theft racket on harmless experienced engineers with a good JEE rank.

So the indian mainstream media cannot be relied on for news of human rights abuses, slavery, corruption, nepotism, casteism, sexual harassment, casting couch and other major problems in the indian media, because most media houses in india, do not have the courage to cover the news. They are also not willing to cover a small story like the suspension of the Mitsu registry agreement or NTRO's banking fraud.

So increasingly indians are using Quora to get answers to their controversial questions resolved, for example Krishna Srini on quora, confirmed the identity theft of the domain investor by government agencies