Bengaluru journalists get Rs 1-3 lakh cash, online publishers get nothing for diwali

According to media reports published on reddit, Journalists in Karnataka allegedly get cash as diwali gift from CM office staff
The amount of cash varied from Rs one lakh to Rs 3 lakh and was put in envelopes along with diwali hampers
The hampers were left with the security in the office.
Some of the journalists allegedly have returned the money and complained to others
This exposes the great financial fraud on online publishers , who do not get any money other than the meagre amount of Rs 1 or less per day from advertising, no diwali bonus or gift though their websites are closely monitored worldwide
Yet showing how ruthless the indian tech and internet companies running a massive government SLAVERY racket are, they continue to make fake claims about the profitability of the online business when the business owner is actually making a huge loss.

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