Free samples with newspapers for victims of correspondence theft

Due to the correspondence theft by greedy goan government employees running an extortion racket since 2012, the domain investor does not get anything free , almost no one can contact her
So one of the advantages of subscribing to newspapers are the coupons and samples
For example on April 17, 2022, The Hindustan times newspaper had a free sample of moisturizer
Along with the raddhi value this makes newspaper subscription worthwhile for a person whose correspondence is systematically stolen since they are the main source of information offline. Despite requesting free samples online, the domain investor did not receive any sample in goa, because her correspondence was systematically robbed.

Covid-19 has destroyed english newspapers and magazines

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While the domain investor complains about the great losses in the last decade, it appears that the losses for english newspapers, magazines and those selling them are far higher. Though losses peaked for the domain investor in 2014 because of the mental torture, she managed to survive since she can also sell domains . In contrast a large number of english magazine, newspaper sellers are not existing, magazines have stopped being published, since they do not get any kind of advertising.
The domain investors likes reading newspapers, magazines for relaxing, yet when she checks the bookstalls,she finds that there are very few magazines, newspapers available for sale
It appears that the newspapers did not realize the losses which google and others would cause,and when they did it was too late their revenues were already destroyed, the number of readers and advertisers for newspapers and magazines has declined rapidly