Indian newspapers refuse to carry any negative news about tech and internet companies leading to their downfall

Though the newspapers, magazines will not carry any news or article, the fact is that the advertising and revenues of the newspapers have greatly declined mainly due to the increased use of smartphones
The newspapers,magazines themselves are partly responsible for the problem, because they refuse to carry any negative tech, internet or smartphone related news
Though the domain investor owning this website, has a large number of domains, she continues to read newspapers,keep paper records for important information
This is because she has experienced the negative aspects of the tech sector, which the mainstream media refuses to document or share with others, leading to their own downfall
– for example files with data are often deleted remotely or corrupted and all the work is lost
– internet companies and officials are openly involved in banking fraud,cybercrime, criminal defamation, discrimination
– mobile phone hacking is rampant
– radiation from mobile phones can cause health problems
– indian internet sector is openly cheating some investors like the single woman domain investor, falsely claiming that gujju, sindhi scammers and other frauds who do not invest money in domains, own the domains of the single woman