Media coverage of sushant singh rajput’s death exposes weakness of kshatriya/rajput community in India

Though most of the rulers of india before independence were rajputs, in 2020 and are more than 200 million in number according to some sources, they are not very influential/powerful at least in the media, which is mainly controlled by brahmins and banias. There is not a single major indian online media website which will cover their viewpoint free , those who wish to post their theory of the death of actor sushant singh rajput have to use social media to do so,
For example ex-R&AW officer NK Sood, caste rajput, is using Youtube to post his theories that the actor was murdered
Avantika Singh was using Pinkvilla’s Instragram comment section to post that Sooraj Pancholi was responsible for the death
Similarly Rituraj Singh was using Youtube to post that the actor was murdered
Usually people with surname singh are kshatriya/rajput

This shows that the bania, brahmin officials have used the divide and rule formula of the british to ensure that the rajput/kshatriya community has no well known media outlet under their control at present which will post their viewpoint. For example this website is owned by a kshatriya single woman engineer and domain investor, yet the indian and state governments refuse to acknowledge her and falsely claim that the website belongs to a brahmin puppet slim goan bhandari R&AW employee CALL GIRL sunaina chodan, supplied by brahmnin tata, gooogle PIMPS to brahmin ntro, raw, employees for SEX to give the CALL GIRL a monthly salary at the expense of the domain investor

It is an indication of the lack of unity, power of kshatriya/rajput community all over india, that no one questions the FRAUD of the brahmin, bania community of falsely claiming that a CALL GIRL offering SEX services, who does not pay for or control any domain, is a domain investor to give the call girl great powers, monthly salary at the expense of the real single woman domain investor.
If any kshatriya/rajput official reads it, please ask the goan/indian government why it is falsely claiming that raw/cbi employees who do not spend any money on domains, own the website of a single woman kshatriya domain investor, private citizen, denying her the right to a life of dignity.