No newspapers delivered to some citizens in panaji, goa

The government is regularly issuing new instructions and lockdowns, yet it is very difficult for citizens to find out what is happening, especially if they do not have a working television at home due to ntro hacking.
The newspaper delivery persons in panaji, goa have also stopped delivery of the three newspapers which the domain investor reads , so it is difficult to get any information about the government orders regarding the lockdown
There is some information online, yet if citizens spend more time checking the websites, they are falsely accused of being addicted to the internet, and tortured, exploited further.

Unlike british media which exposed priti patel, the indian media does not have the honesty and humanity to cover the fraud of google, tata

R&AW/cbi are hiring and paying monthly salaries to 13 google, tata sponsored well connected PROSTITUTES, school dropouts, robber, cheater housewives and assorted frauds, who do no computer work and do not invest any money online and then these fraud agencies are falsely claiming that their sex service provider, robber, cheater fraud employees , who have no online income, own the domains, websites, paypal, bank account of a private citizen, single woman engineer in a clear case of government financial fraud
To ensure that their financial, online fraud is not exposed, raw/cbi are using exactly the same tactics which priti patel used against the senior civil servant Sir Philip Rutnam and others, forcing them to resign,.
These tactics include belittling, bullying, creating an atmosphere of fear, rude behavior, defamation campaign against the domain investor based entirely on lies since 2010.

While the british mainstream media has the humanity and honesty to cover the negative tactics used by priti patel, the indian mainstream media does not have the humanity and honesty to cover any of the atrocities inflicted on harmless hardworking indian citizens by ntro, raw, cbi, security agencies